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KEXING's mission is to provide the best products to our customers.

As a professional technology equipment manufacturer, Kexing has provided excellent products and after-sales service for many customers.

KEXING is engaged in laboratory equipment of science and education chemistry for 11 years.

We can provide you with professional technical services and recommend you excellent products.

KEXING is a professional manufacturer of scientific and experimental laboratory equipment from Shanghai, China.

We hope that these products can help you better complete your test or production tasks.

CHINA Shanghai Kexing Instrument Co., Ltd.

We always aim to provide excellent quality and reasonable price

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Made in China

We are from Shanghai, China.We put our soul to into produnct

Bringing you quality and reliable products based on 11 years of professional technology accumulation

KEXING offers a wide range of products, including glass reactors, rotary evaporators, cryogenic refrigeration cycle equipment, heating cycle equipment, laboratory mixing equipment and other chemical laboratory equipment. Welcome to inquire.


Please believe that as long as the earth is still there, our services will not stop. Our products are lifetime maintenance and free maintenance for one year.


Based on 11 years of expertise in ultra-low temperature and related equipment, we will recommend the most suitable equipment for you, not the most expensive equipment.

Why choose us

I still remember its name, its name is Kexing.

Recommend a suitable one for you

Only recommend the equipment that suits you, not the most expensive equipment

Excellent professional knowledge

Based on 11 years of expertise, we will choose the most suitable equipment for you or make the most reasonable solution.

Professional after-sales service team

A professional team helps you solve various problems during use, including follow-up product maintenance

Our recommended products

Here are the industry instruments that we have carefully selected for you.
  • GZ cantilever constan
    GZ cantilever constan
    GZ type cantilever type constant speed strong electric mixer, speed regulation is stepless speed regulation, can work continuously for a long time, the clamping ...
  • Refrigeration heating
    Refrigeration heating
    Product introduction Refrigeration heating circulator is a circulating device that provides heat and cold sources for reactor, tank, etc. It has dual functions o...
  • Cryogenic coolant cir
    Cryogenic coolant cir
    Cryogenic coolant circulation pump is a cryogenic liquid circulation equipment which adopts mechanical refrigeration and has the function of providing cryogenic ...
  • Double glazing reacto
    Double glazing reacto
    The double-layer glass reactor is designed for double-layer glass, the inner layer can be put into the reaction solvent for stirring reaction, and the interlayer...
  • Miniature rotary evap
    Miniature rotary evap
    Rotary evaporator is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in pharmaceutical, chemical and biological pharmaceu...
  • Large scale rotary ev
    Large scale rotary ev
    Rotary evaporator is mainly used in the pilot test and production of food and other fields in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biological pharmaceutical industri...

Are you still looking for reliable laboratory equipment?

Low temperature refrigeration and high and low temperature mixing machines are our superior products

We believe that with the help of our professionals, we can provide products that match your requirements.

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